Rick & Annie (chapt.1)

29 04 2011

(Authors Note: Please read the Introduction first..! xx)

First things First..I had to get myself a job…I quiet fancied myself as a business woman so I decided to check out the Doo Peas Corporate Towers …. 

Well i guess I owe my new Boss a ginormous thank-you….because on my first day I met the gorgeous Rick Hunter….Rick was a department head so I couldn’t see him much at work but once the clock struck 6 It was my time to shine 😀

He didn’t really notice me much until one day….  Hey Annie , Wait up..! , He yelled as I was getting into my car     Yes ? , I asked     You dropped your case , he said smiling …….. After that day we talked almost everyday after work
Until one day that is ..he asked me on a dinner date..I was MEGA excited even though I had nothing to wear :S                                             He didn’t even notice me at the Bistro until I walked past him that is…  Wow Annie You look stunning..! , he yelped finally spotting me


Introduction – Meet Annie Smith

29 04 2011

Annie Smith – The first ever Heir of the Smith Legacy ..

(Note this chapter is written in the form of Annie)

This is it..? Mental . I must be mental…
I stared around my new property….At least I’ve got a roof over my head and a car to travel in  , I tought

Soo this is the start of my new life , Right..?

Ok so I hope ye all like the intro..btw this is my first ever legacy 😀